Plenty of Fish Review – Free Dating

Plenty of Fish Review – Free Dating


  • Absolutely 100% Free.
  • Forums are very informative with some members signed up just to ask questions in the forum.
  • For being a free site it is quite robust with nice features.


  • Security is a big issue with no login required to view your profile.
  • Plenty of fake profiles, and spam.
  • Poor quality of photos usually stretched out or pixelated.
  • Site is pretty ugly with complicated navigation.

For being free PlentyofFish has a lot going for it. First of all this site is huge, I would say it is the craigslist of dating. Just like craigslist it lacks pretty graphics and a certain wow aspect that most professional sites have. But what is lacks in prettiness it makes up for with features. With search options that are better than some paid sites, a personality test, and a functional profile creation you know you are getting a robust online dating service. You can find oodles singles in every city in the USA, including the UK, and Canada.


  • The registration is very easy, and the profile is simple but functional.
  • There is a quick personality test and than you are able to start chatting, sending email, and browsing to your heart’s content.
  • The search for PlentyofFish gives you the plenty of options with a basic search and an advanced search.
  • Your search results also shows your results by account activity. If the person was online that day than he or she will show up on the top the list.
  • Indirect phone communication – You are able to put your personal phone number on the site without actually giving your number to anyone.
  • You can also opt to block users you don’t wish to talk to.
  • The forum’s are a big draw for members, some sign up just to get there questions answered in the forums. There are numerous different forums you can post under like Sex and Dating, one question was “Threesome etiquette?” or under “Ask a Girl” Forum topic where on man asked “Do women like mustaches?”. So you can find some useful info here.

The navigation has a learning curve and it takes a little time to figure out, the features seem to be spread across the site in different places and viewing pictures on PlentyofFish is a challenge with quite a few pictures being stretched out or pixelated.

My big issue with PlentyofFish is an issue many other people have with free sites: security, safety, and quality of people. For some reason when a site is free people treat it like a free site with a open door to use it for fake profiles, spam, and advertisements. MySpace and Craigslist have both run into similar problems. When the site starts to turn down that road it gets frustrating to try look for anybody on the site. I would not disregard this site though the site has many nice features and its free.

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