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We live in a world where new dating sites seem to be popping up every week, each loaded with a large accompaniment of members who have been on there for ages. How does this happen? Well, it doesn’t take a great mind to figure out that there are some shady people doing business online. The good news is that you can avoid running into sites that aren’t worth your time with a little advice from Cupid’s Reviews Dating School. In this lesson we’re going to talk about the one statistic that many shady dating sites don’t want you to see: a members last online status.

Most dating sites require that you sign up for a “free” profile before you log on, but some will let you conduct some preliminary searches even without going through the motions. The first thing you should do when visiting a new dating site is check to see how many people are online in your area. When you sign up for your free profile, a good dating site will ask you for your zip or postal code so that you can search for people in your area. You can usually choose by a radius of 25, 50 or 100 miles, depending on how they have the system set up. Figure out how far you’re willing to travel for love and do a search in that area. Some sites will only allow you to search by city or state so you’ll have to make the call as to whether or not it’s worth your time. Once you run your search and your list pops up, it’s time to go searching for the last online status.

“Just because a dating site doesn’t show you last online status doesn’t necessarily mean they’re hiding something.”

Just about every site has their profiles set up in different ways at login. They choose different statistics to display and the layouts can vary greatly from one to the next. Out of all the stats, though, the last online statistic is probably the most important. It’s the one that will tell you when any given member last visited the site. Many dating sites will show you when a member last logged on and most sites order their search results with those members who’ve logged on most recently at the top of the list at login. You should be able to go down a list of members in your area and see just how many have been online in the last day or week without any difficulty. Members who haven’t been on in the past week might have found someone special and moved on. Look for sites with lots of people who log in daily at login!

What you choose to do with that information at login is up to you, but here’s what we suggest. If you’re new to online dating, go through the list of members in your area and see how many have been online in the past day and week and make note. Then go and visit a few more dating sites that you think look good, conduct the same search and compare your notes. You may find that having 20 or 30 people online in a day is average for your area. If you live in a major urban center, that number might be more like 500. Obviously, the more people, the better! But you won’t know until you test it out with a number of sites so make sure to do your research before you start putting time and energy into a site that may not be worth the effort at login.

Now just because a dating site doesn’t show you last online status doesn’t necessarily mean they’re hiding something. I know of a couple of sites that are getting heavy traffic that refuse to show it for one reason or another. If you’ve been online for some time and are experienced enough to know a good site from a bad one, go ahead and take the plunge. However, it’s always better to be cautious if you’re just new to the online dating scene at login– especially when there are so many other comparable dating sites that won’t leave you guessing.

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